Right of Way Clearing

The Manpower, Equipment and Expertise to Clear Your ROW So You Can Maintain or Get Back to Business


From New York to Florida
Mowing to Tree Removal – We Do It All

Whether it’s towering trees and overgrown brush, damage left in the wake of a storm, or making way for new utility lines, ClearWay has the capabilities to clear obstructed right of ways. We understand that maintaining an unencumbered ROW is critical for utility companies, railways, DOTs, municipalities and commercial businesses. It is necessary to ensuring reliable, uninterrupted service and a safe environment for all stakeholders. So we take our responsibilities on each project very seriously. Our skilled crews are committed to getting the job done properly and in a timely manner – all with a focus on safe execution and your budget.

Routine Maintenance to Natural Disaster Cleanup

While it’s important for all right of ways to be clear, what needs to be cleared and the clearing methods vary by project. We assess the type of vegetation that needs to be trimmed, pruned and/or removed then devise a custom plan, which can incorporate a multi-prong approach:

  • Mechanical Clearing
  • Tree Clearing
  • Tree Climbing
  • Tree Trimming
  • Mowing
  • Brush Clearing and Trimming
  • Rail Clearing
  • Chipping
  • Mulching

Our team, which includes ISA certified arborists and TCIA certified tree care professionals, understands and considers the terrain and regulations that must be adhered to when creating your plan. And you can trust that we strive to respect the natural elements and to disturb the environment only to the extent necessary to complete the job safely.

With crews on call, we are ready to respond to your emergency ROW clearing needs. Call us 24/7, 365 days a year. We will get there fast and do the job quickly.

The Right Equipment and Experienced Crews to Get the Job Done On Time and On Budget

It takes the right combination of machinery and manpower to complete a ROW project properly and within budget. From our in-house team overseeing the project specs to our on the ground crews doing the manual labor, ClearWay has a workforce committed to providing superior service. We have 25 years’ experience on each crew, which are managed by general foreman who ensure all safety protocols are followed. Every crew member is trained from the ground up and must participate in continuing education on new equipment we acquire. Our fleet is comprised of custom built-out trucks, cranes, mechanical tree trimmers, aerial lift trucks, rotary mowers, chippers, chain saws and more. We have the tools and the team to clear and maintain ROWs no matter what the terrain.

ClearWay has the capabilities to quickly, efficiently and safely clear right of ways.

When You Need Right of Way Clearing, Call Clearway. We Are Ready to Help You Create a Safer Environment.


ClearWay Industries LLC is a Certified New York State Minority Business Enterprise MBE and Certified NYS Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise MWBE.

ClearWay Industries, LLC is a member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association(AREMA), the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association(NRC), and the Tree Care Industry Association(TCIA) and it also an ISNet Certified Contractor.

TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor Utility Vegetation ManagementClearWay Industries LLC has been awarded the TCIA Utility Contractor Accreditation for: 

  • Excellence in Utility Vegetation Management
  • Confidence in Continual Practice of Outstanding Service and
  • Safety Program and Practices According to Industry and Government Standards   

Certified Minority Business Enterprise MBE MWBE


    Tree Care Industry Association