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From New York to Connecticut, New York City and Tri State Region to Florida – Routine Management and Storm Response

Uncontrolled brush and trees can damage tracks and cars, resulting in interrupted railway service and costly repairs. Keeping trains running smoothly across hundreds and thousands of miles is a massive undertaking that involves effective vegetation control and set plans ready to be put into motion when disaster strikes. ClearWay helps railroads across the country protect their infrastructure, passengers and workers through our routine maintenance and emergency response services. We have the experienced crews and specialized hi-rail equipment to handle all your on and off-track vegetation management and tree clearing needs – quickly and efficiently. Railways appreciate our strong work ethic, competitive bids, safety protocols, and commitment to unsurpassed customer service. 

Our Railway Services

Every project is customized to the client’s unique objectives and requirements. ClearWay’s ISA certified arborists, TCIA certified tree care professionals and project managers will create an effective vegetation management program that can include a combination of techniques. Our railway service offerings include: 

Brush and Tree Control

ClearWay keeps your rail lines free of foliage. We clear large trees, bushes and invasive weeds that may interfere with safe travel. This includes pushing vegetation back a safe distance and trimming dangerous overhanging tree limbs, as well as removing trees and other growth that could cause large amounts of leaves to accumulate on the tracks. To prevent fresh growth and eliminate stubborn vegetation, we can also incorporate an on and off track weed spraying program. 

Cross and Signal Clearing

Maintaining safe railway crossings and keeping sight lines clear is of the utmost importance. We remove all overgrown vegetation that blocks the vision of motorists and pedestrians near crossings and interferes with the ability of your crew to clearly see railway signals or safely operate the cars. Our fleet of bucket trucks, cranes, rotary mowers, mulchers, hi-rail equipment and more enables us to easily tackle the hardest to reach trees and vegetation. 

Right of Way Clearing

Railroad right of way clearing is our specialty. Our crews are experienced in removing brush, grasses and trees that impede track access by your maintenance crews and inspectors and are comfortable operating equipment near active tracks. 

Railway Fire Protection

Scrub, brush, dead trees and tumbleweeds pose serious fire risks to wooden railways, bridges and trestles. It just takes a spark from train wheel friction or a spreading wildfire to cause a disastrous situation. We have the skilled workforce and equipment to remove those fire dangers and protect the railway infrastructure. 

Storm and Disaster Cleanup

Snow and ice storms, hurricanes and tornados can leave tracks littered with vegetation debris. With crews strategically stationed on the East Coast, we can quickly arrive on site to clear brush and hazardous or downed trees so your rail lines can get back up and running as fast as possible. You can call on us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for all your storm related needs. 

An Environmentally Conscious Approach

We work with a keen awareness of the environmental impact of each project and strive to be respectful to the natural elements that surround us – to disturb only that which is necessary to complete the job safely. 

Why Railroads Choose ClearWay for their Vegetation Management and Right of Way Clearing Needs 

  • Stellar Reputation for Safety and Reliability
  • Quick Disaster Response Times
  • A Large Fleet of Trucks Ready to Deploy Across the U.S.
  • All Necessary Equipment on Hand
  • Certified Arborists, Tree Professionals, and Climbers on Staff
  • Top Trained Crews
  • Safety First Mentality
  • Customized Line Clearing and Vegetation Management Plans
  • Commitment to Protecting Client Reputations 

If You Need Railroad Vegetation Management and Right of Way Clearing Services, Call Clearway. Our Crews Are Ready to Help Keep Your Community Safe.


ClearWay Industries LLC is a Certified New York State Minority Business Enterprise MBE and Certified NYS Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise MWBE.

ClearWay Industries, LLC is a member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association(AREMA), the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association(NRC), and the Tree Care Industry Association(TCIA) and it also an ISNet Certified Contractor.

TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor Utility Vegetation ManagementClearWay Industries LLC has been awarded the TCIA Utility Contractor Accreditation for: 

  • Excellence in Utility Vegetation Management
  • Confidence in Continual Practice of Outstanding Service and
  • Safety Program and Practices According to Industry and Government Standards


Certified Minority Business Enterprise MBE MWBE


    Tree Care Industry Association


USFCR Verified Vendor