Tree Services and Vegetation Management for DOTs

Reliable, Efficient, Skilled Crews


New York and Tri State Region –  Maintenance to Disaster Clearing

Safety is a top concern for departments of transportation. Ensuring that roads, highways and right of ways are safe for those who travel on them is a full-time job. A good maintenance program along with effective disaster recovery plans are essential. Identifying hazards and remediating them can be extremely time consuming and complicated. Overgrown vegetation and hazardous trees are one example of potential dangers that must be addressed. ClearWay makes the jobs of DOT professionals easier. We work with state and local transportation departments to devise and execute plans for safer environments. Because of our competitive bids, strong work ethic, and commitment to safety we have a reputation for being a trusted, reliable partner.

ClearWay helps DOTs by:

  • Making signs visible to drivers
  • Boosting sight distances
  • Keeping vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles visible to motorists
  • Keeping vehicles visible to pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Improving the visibility of wildlife near roads
  • Keeping sidewalks and roads clear of overhanging trees and vegetation
  • Helping drainage systems function properly
  • Clearing roadways to improve snow removal
  • Maintaining right of ways

We Employ a Variety of Strategies to Eliminate and Control Vegetation and Trees

Every ClearWay plan is completely customized to the client’s needs, the environment, and growing cycles. From road, railway and power line clearing to tree trimming, brush removal and emergency response, your plan is built just for you. Our ISA certified arborists, TCIA certified tree care professionals and project managers will create an effective program that can include a combination of:

✔ Mowing

✔ Brush Cutting

✔ Land Clearing

✔ Hazardous Tree Removal

✔ Tree Clearing

✔ Tree Trimming and Pruning

✔ Emergency Tree Response

✔ Disaster Tree Removal

Clients Appreciate Our Cost-Effective Capabilities  

When you work with ClearWay, you not only benefit from a competitive bid, you also get a team of skilled professionals committed to completing your project in an efficient, timely manner. Each ClearWay crew has 25 years’ experience behind it and a workforce that has undergone an intensive training program to ensure everyone does their job properly, quickly, and safely. Having an extensive variety of equipment assets on hand – from cranes and bucket trucks to mowers and mulchers – we can handle all your vegetation management and tree clearing / trimming projects, no matter the type of terrain. And with crews ready to deploy from coast to coast, you can call 24/7, 365 days a year for your storm and disaster response needs.

Why DOTs Choose ClearWay for their Vegetation Management and Line Clearing Needs

  •  Stellar Reputation for Safety and Reliability
  • Quick Disaster Response Times
  • A Large Fleet of Trucks Ready to Deploy Across the U.S.
  • All Necessary Equipment on Hand
  • Certified Arborists, Tree Professionals, and Climbers on Staff
  • Top Trained Crews
  • Safety First Mentality
  • Customized Line Clearing and Vegetation Management Plans
  • Commitment to Protecting Client Reputations

If You Need Vegetation Management and Tree Services, Call Clearway.
Our Crews Are Ready to Help Keep Your Community Safe.


ClearWay Industries LLC is a Certified New York State Minority Business Enterprise MBE and Certified NYS Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise MWBE.

ClearWay Industries, LLC is a member of the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA), the National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC), and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and it also an ISNet Certified Contractor.

TCIA Accredited Utility Contractor Utility Vegetation ManagementClearWay Industries LLC has been awarded the TCIA Utility Contractor Accreditation for: 

  • Excellence in Utility Vegetation Management
  • Confidence in Continual Practice of Outstanding Service and
  • Safety Program and Practices According to Industry and Government Standards


Certified Minority Business Enterprise MBE MWBE


    Tree Care Industry Association